TV Platform On XBox One Version 1.0

I started working on this project during mid 2012. This project holds a special place in my career.

I joint the project as the founding designer in the incubation stage, the team grew from less than 10 people to over 100 within a year and grew amazing work connection with the whole team.

It was an unforgettable experience to create a Xbox product in this scale from scratch early in my career.
Design lead

“ Xbox One gives you more ways to watch, and makes it easier than ever to switch between TV shows and games. Enjoy free over-the-air channels like CBC, CTV. Stream on Netflix, NHL GameCenter Live.

With great games and TV all in one place, you’ll never miss a thing on Xbox One.”

Pain point

Switching between Xbox and TV console break the seamless experience. Users can't play game & watching TV at the same time.

Value proposition

With great games & TV all in one place, Live TV is better with Xbox.

Design principles

Familiar. Scaling. Always available

Xbox OneGuide overview (Video)

Mini Guide & TV Listings (Video)

Featured screens

Trending TV shows & on demand

Top 10 trending TV shows covers around 90% of the TV consumption. We believed that accurately providing users their local trending shows will help user decide what to watch.

My shows

Users can add their favorite tv shows or movies. The rental and purchased content will be shown here too.

TV listings

TV show detail page

Mini guide - Recent channels

Mini guide - Playback

XBox console only features

"Snap mode" allow players to watch their favorite TV show while playing the game.

OneGuide on tablet & mobile

When I designed the experience for tablet and mobile, I aligned the experience closely with the console experience. All the components were also designed to be shared for both platform.

System mental model

I collaborated with our Xbox console OS design team to align the mental model to minimal user's learning curve.

Product IA maps on all 3 platforms