Find a Meeting Time Works For Everyone

The project started as an incubation project in Outlook lab, it took the team 5 months to complete this project and launch it in the Apple app store with 4.7 star rating.

It's designed to make settting up meetings between employees of different companies a bit easier

Here are some media reviews on The Verge and Computer World.
Design lead
Microsoft Office,
Outlook lab

"Invite—the easiest way to organize meetings on the go, it's designed to let you set up small events and group meetings with ease and across organizations."

–The Verge

Discover the business opportunity from the roots

In the early stages, I worked with the research team to find out users' needs and insights through talking and shadowing over 10 small business owners across west coast and east cost. We built prototypes to rapidly test our product direction with potential users to make sure that we were building match our users' need.

Pain point

Hard to get everybody in a group to agree on a time.

Value proposition

Help users to easily set up a group meeting successfully while on the go.

Design principles

Simple and intuitive. Be transparent and clear on info. Be professional and playful.

Featured screens



New meeting

To keep the meeting creation process simple and intuitive. It's designed based " Who, When and When will this event happen? " in one page. During the testing process, users loved this concept because it did not feel like writing a work email.

Time picker

Users can select multiple time slots from different days in the customized time picker. Research data shows 85% of the meeting created are 30min/1gr, therefore, a shorter bar was added (1st screen).

Follow up with attendees

When users open an invite they received (1st screen), they have the options to pick a time, check who is attending and chat with the attendees (2nd screen). When the invite is closed by the creator, the final time will be shown (3rd screen).

Branding & style guide

" Simple, human, efficient, business casual, personal" are the key words for the Invite branding.

Blue was picked as primary color to present business casual, also align with other Microsoft enterprise product branding color, the warm blue also gives user a more personal touch. Different shades of blue are defined for selected state, info bar, open/close invites, etc.

Information Architecture