TV Platform On XBox One Version 2.0

After we shipped our first version Xbox Live TV experience. I continued to focus on the new version based on the improving console OS performance.

The data collected from the usage & interviews on the 1st version TV platform helped us redesign the system based on users insights.

In my last year in Xbox (2014-2015), I  splitted my time between this project and the Xbox app 2.0 project.
Design lead

"The OneGuide has all your favorite channels. All your favorite shows. All with the sound of your voice. You can even create your own personal channel by pinning the shows and apps you watch most."

OneGuide 2.0 navigation (video)

Mini guide (video)

The mini guid was redesigned by collaborating with Twitter to integrate Live feeds based on users' need on richer social information especially for Live events.

System mental model

The new mental model is designed to align with the updated XBox console OS mental model.

Featured screens

Main navigation

The key target areas were Trending and My TV. Research shows that the top 10 most trending TV shows gets the majority of TV watchers, so we believed that by accurately providing current trending tv shows, we would help users save time on finding the TV shows they want to see.

TV listings

Mini guide

Based on our users' need on richer social information especially for Live events, we redesigned our mini guid feature.  We collaborated with Twitter to integrate Live feeds to Xbox TV watching experience.

TV shows


Movie detail page

XBox controller button mapping