Medical Care Intelligence Platform

I joint Truveta as the founding designer when it's 2 months old during pandemic, the company is focusing on analyze over 15% of American's health data to empower healthcare provider and researchers' work.

I was responsible for providing user central design & strategies through working closely with the founders team and targeted user groups, collaborating with AI scientists and SE to launch the first version product, hiring design resources.

Founding designer
Director of design

"Truveta Studio is the first solution to make massive streams of daily clinical data useful for analytics through the integration of AI-powered normalization and de-identification at unprecedented scale."

Health care provider & researcher facing platform

Researchers and doctors can use the health care provider facing platform (Trus.eta Studio) to build cohort and search computable medical concept effectively based on De-identified medical records for fast clinical insights and analyze.

This is the core of Truveta's product line and also. The AI based cohort creation workspace was the most challenging part to design due to the complexity of medical scenarios and continually developing AI model.

High level system mental model

Cohort workspace structure

Cohort creation sample screens

Cohort result detail page sample screens

Search Platform Concept 1.0

Public searching platform is another product in Truveta product ecosystem. Any user can use the platform to search relevant medical information free of charge. Including checking the latest Covid 19 test result and where to find medical support for Covid.

Scenario 1

The flow shows a user searching for the symptoms to discover relevant medical information and booking a test at the closest location.

Scenario 2

The flow shows a user who received inconclusive Covid-19 test result at home using the platform to search for the latest medical information.

Non-medical Professional Facing Platform

Concept 2.0

This is another take on designing search & data exploration.