Google Cloud Customer Growth

In mid 2018, I realized the importance of growth for a business after unsuccessfully growing users in BloomText, I was passionated to learn more about growing customer especially enterprise customer.

I joint a team that focus on Customer Growth and Engagement in Google Cloud. It was exactly what I want to explore next. I worked closely with the researchers, Sale & Marketing orgs, collaborating face to face with different stick holders through the sales cycle.

The projects were focused on driving growth through service & strategy design.

* Due to confidential reason on sales related data, all Blueprint maps and unpublicized work are blurred.
Design & strategy

We’ve created several projects to explore new ways to drive Google Cloud growth and conversion rate.

We collaborated with sales specialists, customer engineers, data analysts, privacy & legal team to create the first e2e customer blueprints to help partner teams understand the critical pain points and opportunities in the customer journey.

Some top pain points transformed into multiple new features in the platform, including new Google Cloud technical support experience, redesigning sign up flow, chat with sales in console, refining email marketing experiences etc.

Google Cloud sales blueprint – Offline sales

I created this blueprint to present how in person sales touch customers go through their onboarding journey (up to 2 years). Finding insights through interviewing regional sales representatives, learning from their top pain points and and brainstorming ideas over workshop. One of the finding we found was we were not clearly separating “ Sales contact” & “Contact Support”, people in the brainstorming were sharing their stories of losing multi million dollar deals because of that. So a easy but high impact fix was implemented by adding clear regional sales contact CAT in console.

Google Cloud sales blueprint – Online sales

A map was created for small business & individual users who self starts online.  We discovered a list of Users' top concerns that stoping them from signing up Google Cloud, a list of principles and guideline were created.

For example, over half of the potential customers drop at when users need to providing payment information during their journey, by investigating into that one step, and multiple rounds of design refinement, the drop rate at that step was significantly reduced.

Product adjustment based on customer data

By mapping the data from researchers and analysts to the user journey allow us to have a clear overview of where and when the user drops. This process help me to quickly define where and which user group I should focusing on. Normally different version of design will be generated for A/B testing for the key opportunity areas.

Product funnel during sign up & onboarding

Collaborating with data analyst to monitoring the drop rates and usage frequency on each flow and pages provided me a clear over view of each flow's performance.  With this help, we can quickly identify where in product user drops and focusing that particular page or flow.

One example: low product adoption rate on landing page was signaled, users were not exploring the products from the landing page. After interview users and checking out the CTA click rates, We realize the cause of this problem was user didn’t see the main product menu. After simply adding a call out UI for that page for all new users, the problem was solved with an impact of over $10million revenue increase annually.

GCP Getting Started experience

Chat with sales bot and sales agent with 1 click

Growing high quality leads was the sales team's top challenge. Contacting the sales team when needed was the qualified customers' top challenge. To fix both of the issue, a chat bot to answer users simple sales related questions and contact them with sales agent with a couple clicks was recommenened and built.

GCP Customer support

Insights from user data revealed that one of the top complaints in GCP was the confusing and difficult support experience. To address this, I led the redesign efforts and collaborated closely with the support engineering team to deliver a new support experience, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

The marketing emails that fits users’ needs

Another program was developed to help drive growth and conversion rate through improving the marketing email program, by making the emails personalized to targeted segments.